Electronic-looping-vocal-violin-trio drawing a bridge between Radiohead and Steve Reich.


"The result is a deeply creative sound; the band swapping instruments, melding acoustic and electronic ideas and building intriguing, looping spectacles. The Lovely Range is no exception, from a lone, almost mathsy guitar line, rich horns and processed beats lift the track, before the twin vocals enter, in some sort of perfect disharmony."

-For The Rabbits

"...experimenting with a host of instruments and technologies...the act came to resemble not so much a band but an avant garde collaboration where any curiosity could be followed and developed. The result was a full-length album, The Spider and the Spectator.

Opening with discordant drum machines, the song [The Spider and the Spectator] falls into a frantic rhythm, the shared vocals surrendering to the flow and motion. Various guitar lines and loops arc across this canvas, the vocals entwining and overlapping into a network of words and phrases, taking on an almost ritualistic edge—distinct energies collected and combined, then offered toward some higher purpose."

-Various Small Flames

"Occasionally a group of like-minded individuals will wreak havoc creating new musical landscapes, creating space where there’s no space left to take. The Brooklyn, NY based Old Robes just might be one of those groups."

-Ghettoblaster Magazine

“Hearing your music, it's an oxymoron, but there's something that's really harmoniously dissonant about both the vocals and the instruments going on...”

-Mace McFly